The benefits of natural ventilation
In a building, good ventilation is essential to evacuate pollutants and prevent the formation of mold in infrastructures and equipment. It also takes into account the health of the occupants, be they animals or your workers.
There are two main types of ventilation: natural and mechanical. Between the two, natural ventilation is often the winning choice for several reasons. Discover the benefits!

Unlike fans, natural ventilation, as found in domed buildings, requires no energy to operate. In fact, it uses a natural and renewable energy source that’s 100% free: the wind, quite simply.

And that’s what makes canvas buildings the green solution par excellence, reducing your ecological footprint.

Another cost-saving factor is that the natural ventilation of a flexible fabric building does not require :

  • Maintenance-free
  • No cleaning
  • No repair
  • No costly installation

In short, a winning choice for your wallet that doesn’t compromise on the health of occupants or the condition of the steel structure!

Minimum noise, maximum space

When choosing a building, you certainly want to make the most of the space available for your activities. However, the installation of mechanical ventilation systems can take up a certain amount of space, however small. You’ll maximize space and get the impression of a more streamlined interior.

Last but not least, you’ll spare your workers and/or animals the noise nuisance of a mechanical system. The muffled appearance of our flexible membrane buildings is one of the advantages that appeals to buyers.

For an even more durable choice, opt for a galvanized structure with Permodome. Contact our team in Saint-Mathieu de Beloeil, near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just minutes from Montreal.