Salt and road maintenance: why choose a Permodome?

Road maintenance and the use of salt during winter frosts are unavoidable operations for all Quebec municipalities. Their use allows the population to move around smoothly and safely despite bad weather. On the other hand, salts and abrasives can also pose environmental threats and storage challenges.

Find out how a Permodome building can address your concerns within your budget.

Protecting your materials

Precipitation can alter the reactivity of salts or cause them to dissolve. To keep their properties, they need to be stored in a place protected from the elements, and that’s what soft canvas buildings allow you to do.

The Novashield membrane is perfectly waterproof and tensile-strength, while our steel structures are resistant to snow and wind loads. We help industrial players limit losses.

Preserving the environment

Protecting your materials is important, but so is preserving the environment. Proper storage helps prevent spills and contamination:

  • Wells
  • Soils
  • Vegetation
  • Waterways
  • Etc.

As Transport Québec’s best practices guide states:

“Studies reveal that, in sand-salt mixtures that are stored in uncovered piles, up to 50% of the salt can be washed into the environment.

With steel-frame buildings covered with flexible fabric, you get all the benefits of good storage, at an attractive price. We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to the needs of your municipality.

In fact, Permodome buildings are flexible and come in a variety of customizable series, for both the commercial and industrial sectors. To find your ideal storage solution, contact our team in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just a few minutes from Montreal.