Permodome buildings, ideal for your skating rink

In winter, municipal skating rinks become a real gathering place: families, friends, children learning to skate or play field hockey… Whether it’s to stay active or to have a good time, many citizens enjoy skating during the season.

Although open-air rinks are common, rinks covered by a canvas building offer a number of advantages: discover them now!

Less frequent maintenance

The main problem with an outdoor rink is maintenance. When it snows, the ice covers over and it’s impossible to skate on it; when it rains, the water turns it into a lake. And on milder days, the ice melts.

By building your rink under a canvas dome, you protect it from the elements. This means it stays beautiful for a long time without you having to worry about it!

For municipalities, it’s a winning solution, since you’ll need fewer resources, both financial and human, to keep your rink in good condition. The rink becomes a particularly worthwhile investment for the town, which can have peace of mind about its condition.

Of course, the rink will need occasional maintenance, but that’s far less important! What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your membrane either: Permodome buildings for sale undergo rigorous testing. 

The Novashield fabric used in their design can withstand heavy snow loads! The steel structure is also designed to withstand wind loads. In short, the elements won’t make you hot or cold with a Permodome building.

A more pleasant experience for users

Not being exposed to the elements is also a major advantage for skaters! Whether they come to play field hockey, do sports or just have a good time, they’ll be sheltered from conditions such as :

  • High winds
  • snow
  • rain
  • freezing rain

Buildings equipped with insulating fabric provide a place where the temperature remains comfortable, and above all, where your skaters can go whenever they feel like it.

What’s more, the flexible membrane lets in natural light, creating a bright, pleasant place to skate. It’s the perfect in-between arena and outdoor skating!

An option that adapts to your needs

The size of ice rinks varies greatly from place to place, and the same can be said of our buildings! Whether you’re looking to install a small rink or a larger one, we can find the ideal solution.

Our canvas dome buildings for sale are divided into three main series: 600, 700 and 800. And within these series, several size options are available. You can opt for : 

  • An affordable option with the 600 Series, 40 to 50 feet wide
  • A building 90 to 120 feet wide with the 700 Series
  • A customizable building in width and height with the 800 Series

What also sets the 800 Series apart is the fact that its structure is made of galvanized steel for even greater durability. So, whatever your needs, we can tailor-make a building for your rink!

A versatile building

As winter approaches, the ice rink is sure to be a busy place. But what about the other seasons? The investment can actually be very profitable, since the building has a variety of uses at any time of year.

For example, you can stop renting marquees for your events and hold them under the domed building instead. The bright, hushed atmosphere is ideal! It can also be used for summer day camps, for example. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of opportunities to put your building to good use all year round!

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