Partnering with industry: Permodome buildings

PERMODOME™ steel structures have a variety of special features, yet are versatile at the same time. In fact, the company’s experienced engineers have designed several series to customize buildings with steel domes and flexible membranes to meet the specific needs of customers in many industries.

All Permo Industries structures are quick and easy to assemble, and can be delivered and installed even in remote areas. It is also possible to modify the plans to meet your specific needs.

The Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil company near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just minutes from Montreal has the steel structure building for sale you need for your industry.

Permo advantages

From the outset, it should be emphasized that all our industrial buildings can be configured to suit your site and operational requirements. On some occasions, they can be connected to existing warehouses to fully integrate with operations and provide covered access for employees and forklift drivers, or they can be stand-alone to store a wide range of products. As with all our structures, flexible membrane steel industrial buildings can be upgraded by adding one of our many accessories.

Even more spectacular, all our buildings contain innovative features and undeniable advantages.

  • Foundation-free – Installation on almost any solid substrate, usually without prior preparation.
  • Speed – Fast delivery and assembly.
  • Savings – Significantly less expensive than a traditional building.
  • Compliance – Complies with the National Building Code of Canada.
  • Québec quality – Our products are made here in Québec from top-quality raw materials.
  •  Modularity and mobility – the advantages of permanent, but fully demountable, buildings.
  • Multiple combinations – We produce individual buildings or buildings attached to existing buildings.
  • Flexible financing – Lease or buy.

In short, Permo Industries’ low-cost flexible membrane buildings with no intermediate posts are the ideal solution for roofing your industrial products and by-products.

You benefit from low maintenance costs, long-lasting materials and fast ordering and assembly times. Large and translucent, our industrial buildings and warehouses are mobile, modular and expandable, and can be fitted with a wide range of options.

Advances in prefabricated construction fundamentally changed the industry from the 1980s onwards. A significant reduction in construction times and a massive increase in economic efficiency were the consequences of this trend, which continues to this day.

Flexible membrane buildings from Permo Industries in Quebec represent a rapidly feasible and cost-effective alternative to conventional buildings, without having to forego high quality and safety standards. Permodome provides its customers with comprehensive advice and services to help them choose the right system for their individual needs. In our technical department, the proven standard of our flexible membrane building systems is constantly being perfected to meet all requirements for mobility and flexibility.

Permodome has been specializing in flexible membrane industrial buildings for 20 years, and is constantly innovating. Over all these years, the company has set itself the goal of optimally meeting the most diverse requirements with a “modular” system, and of providing its customers with an instrument that enables them to realize their specific building solution at an advantageous price.

Today, thanks to the expertise of a team dedicated to offering superior quality, Permo Industries knows its customers’ needs inside out, and is able to answer the following simple question: What do industries want in 2021?

  • A free-spanning, beautifully shaped construction;
  • A luminous interior and freely usable space;
  • Short delivery times and rapid assembly;
  • A mobile, flexible and expandable structure;
  • And all at the lowest possible price, with exceptional after-sales service!

This in-depth knowledge of the industry translates into a personalized service and rapidly functional buildings.

Permo Industries: excellence at the service of industry!

A team of experts and enthusiasts will support you in your industry. Our multi-purpose steel and flexible membrane buildings are versatile, modular and of superior quality.

There’s no doubt that the Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil company near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just minutes from Montreal has the steel-frame building you need to grow your industry.

Ask one of our experts to show you our entire range of flexible membrane buildings, and discover all the possibilities for your industry. Permodome, good all round!