Municipal sector: multifunctional canvas dome buildings

If you’re looking for a building for your activities or for the storage of municipal equipment, you obviously need a versatile space. That’s exactly what Permodome’s fabric-covered steel buildings offer.

Learn more about the versatility, safety and comfort of these buildings. Then we explain why this solution is perfect for the municipal sector.

A versatile building

We know that the municipal sector hosts a wide variety of activities. That’s why we’ve designed multifunctional buildings that allow you to host a variety of events or indoor facilities. For example, the canvas dome can accommodate :

  • Leisure activities
  • Sports activities
  • Kiosks
  • Concert hall
  • And much more!

Depending on your seasonal programming or the various events taking place in your municipality, we’ll erect a building to suit your every need. It’s that simple!

In particular, you could use the multifunctional building as a space for games or various activities (inflatable games, dance classes, etc.), then transform it into a reception hall on special days. The high roof clearance makes the space all the more malleable.

In winter, your building with insulating fabric loses none of its usefulness: it’s perfectly possible to install a covered skating rink! This makes it easier to maintain the ice, while allowing the public to have fun, rain or shine.

What’s more, why not use less busy periods to rent out the space to your residents? Your building can become a real asset to your municipal community.

Year-round safety

Are you unsure whether a building with a flexible membrane is safe or comfortable? It’s actually an ideal option; we’ll explain why.

On the one hand, the flexible membrane is made from NOVASHIELD fabric, a top-quality fabric tested for tensile strength. This means it offers optimum resistance to all weather conditions, from snowstorms to ice and rain. The steel structures are also designed to withstand heavy loads and wind for exemplary all-season performance.

What’s more, the membrane offers a more subdued acoustic experience than, say, a metal roof on a rainy day. The canvas dome building for sale is therefore the perfect option for community activities, pleasant and safe for your citizens.

Ideal storage space

In the municipal sector, it’s not all about leisure: you also have equipment to store, including :

  • Machinery
  • Tractors
  • Signage
  • Road abrasives

In this way, your dome is an excellent complement to the municipal garage, allowing you to clear out the clutter. In winter and summer alike, you can leave equipment under cover and avoid corrosion damage.

Similarly, water seeping into road abrasives damages them by causing them to freeze. A covered area such as a canvas dome can limit damage and save you considerable sums of money, as well as being more respectful of the environment by limiting the addition of salt.

Designed for the municipal sector

When our team designs your project, we make sure to comply with all applicable regulations. On the one hand, all our Permodome buildings for sale comply with building codes.

On the other hand, we adapt our projects to the laws and regulations more specific to your municipality. Since we draw up customized plans, we adapt them to your needs while taking regulations into account, giving you peace of mind.

When we start a project with you, one of our experts will take charge of the tendering process. This means that we provide you with full documentation to present our plans in every detail.

The Permo Industries team in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just a few minutes from Montreal, offers you turnkey service. Design, installation and maintenance are all part of our comprehensive support. If you work in the municipal sector, contact us to get started on your customized project!