Learn more about Permodome services

Steel structures covered with flexible fabric are a beneficial choice for both the industrial and agricultural as well as the equestrian sectors. At Permo Industries, it’s not just the quality of the products that sets us apart, but also the quality of service.

Permodome, our company in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe, and just minutes from Montreal, offers custom services. From the project outline to after-sales service and installation, enjoy personalized support.

We bring your project to life.

Regardless of your field of activity, our fabric-covered dome buildings for sale are customizable to suit your needs. Do you require an economical model for your small storage needs? Or a larger building? Our three series of models can be tailored with various widths, heights, and lengths to accommodate your requirements:

  • Series 600, economical and sturdy
  • Series 700, more spacious and up to 120′ in width
  • Series 800 with galvanized roof arches

When you contact us to entrust us with your project, we will assist you in untangling the details and finding the type of building that suits you best. Subsequently, we will work with you to address dimensions, which vary from one building to another. Indeed, the width can range from 40 to 120 feet, and the height can reach up to 45 feet!

Ensure the design of a custom building that meets your needs, regardless of their scope. Our professionals offer guidance as needed to provide you with the Permodome building for sale that suits you best.

Furthermore, we provide you with a transparent cost estimate for your project. Request your estimate now!

Proper installation

During the installation phase, Permo Industries offers you two options. The first is to entrust us entirely with this stage for a hassle-free assembly. The installation is quick and requires no intervention from you or your team.

The second option is to hire a site supervisor. They will visit the site and manage your own installation team. This can be a cost-effective solution for you, and the presence of a supervisor ensures an error-free and smooth installation.

Whichever option benefits you the most, the Permo Industries team ensures a quick and robust installation.

Long-term services

At Permo Industries, our business relationship with our clients doesn’t end after the installation of their building. In fact, we are pleased to address your ongoing needs. If necessary, we can take care of, among other things:

  • Maintenance of the covering
  • Repair or replacement of the covering
  • Repair and calibration of energy devices for greenhouses

Our structures are of exceptional quality, but it’s regular maintenance that will allow you to keep them for even longer. Moreover, incidents and accidents can occur, and it’s better to stay vigilant about any issues that arise.

Whether it’s the covering or various equipment like energy devices, our professionals are qualified to maintain all components of your dome structure.

Using our maintenance and repair services will save you money in the long run and ensure optimal longevity for your building! Give us a call or reach out to us for any assistance needed. The experts in Permodome buildings are the Permo Industries team.

Permodome and you: a bond of trust

Please note that a warranty covers our products and services; therefore, do not hesitate to entrust us with any issues or damages. Our team will assess the situation and promptly address it by coming on-site to resolve the problem.

Buying a Permodome building is not just about adequately protecting your assets and personnel with a quality structure. It’s also about benefiting from personalized support at every stage of design and even beyond. The bonds of trust we build with our clients are our greatest source of pride.

To kickstart your project, contact us today! It will be our pleasure to assist you and take on new challenges. Permodome, your partner in success.