Discover our 700 Series product

Permodome buildings are available in several series to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. If you need a large space to store equipment, protect your workers or even host recreational activities, think of us – we’ve got the right solution for you!

Permodome of Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just minutes from Montreal has a steel-frame building for sale just for you. Whatever size suits your needs, we offer three series of customizable products.

The 700 Series, easily adaptable!

While the 600 Series is suitable for moderate space requirements, the 700 Series offers the greatest room for manoeuvre in terms of size. On the one hand, its width can easily accommodate between 100 and 160 feet, covering the needs of larger sizes.

So if you’ve got heavy equipment to store, not only will you not be short of space, you won’t be short of height either. The clear height of the domed building reaches 39 to 57 feet at its center, depending on the width chosen.

The length is up to you. You can even install a Series 700 building, then come back to us if you find that the volume to be stored has increased: the design of this building allows us to extend it at a later date!

In fact, thanks to the arch-spaced membrane section, the building is divided into sections, and it’s easy to simply add length as you wish. Likewise, maintenance and repairs are simplified by the possibility of proceeding in sections. And don’t hesitate to call on Permo Industries for any repairs or maintenance you may need: we’ll be happy to take care of it!

Our canvas dome buildings for sale also offer all the strength and durability you could hope for, and even exceed your expectations. In fact, our company’s innovations ensure a superior quality fabric and structure.

Our membranes are made from NOVASHIELD fabric, developed by a Canadian manufacturer. Specially designed to cover steel structures, this fabric is highly weather-resistant. You know just as well as we do how harsh winters can be, which is why we use materials that can withstand them. NOVASHIELD canvas undergoes tensile tests to ensure its strength.

Similarly, roof structures are designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions. Snow loads and high winds are no threat to 700 Series buildings! Don’t let the cold seasons put the brakes on your activities.

Heavy equipment and industrial machinery can be accommodated in our customizable buildings. Likewise, if you’re looking to host a variety of recreational activities, store materials or have any other large-scale needs, we have the perfect option for you.

Contact us to get started on your project: our 700 Series building is suitable for even the most demanding space requirements, and can be customized as required. With impressive widths and heights, these buildings provide ideal protection.

Service that makes all the difference!

At Permo Industries, we’re not only committed to quality products, but above all to building trusting relationships with our customers. Indeed, good products are worth little without the professionalism of an experienced team.

Our company has over 20 years’ experience in the field, and we pride ourselves on maintaining excellent relations with each and every one of our customers. From design and installation to after-sales service, we’re there for you!