Permodome or conventional building?

Companies and municipalities still often turn to conventional buildings. These seem to them to be a safe bet, a natural choice. However, more and more of them are also turning to flexible fabric buildings, a solution that is gaining in popularity for its versatility. With the latest innovations in the sector, domed buildings present a particularly interesting alternative.

What type of building is best for you? How do conventional and flexible fabric buildings compare? Find out which option offers the best financial, safety and versatility benefits.

Affordable and quick to build: the Permodome advantage

The cost of materials is obviously a criterion to consider, but it’s not the only one: you’ll also need to think about the cost of labor and the time required to construct the building!

For all these reasons, Permodome’s canvas buildings represent a less expensive alternative. When it comes to on-site installation, the structures are already pre-assembled and require minimal time investment. Conventional buildings, on the other hand, take longer to erect, which inevitably means higher costs.

What’s more, you need to take into account future repair costs. Flexible fabrics are particularly resistant and easy to repair, should the need arise. As for the steel structure, it is possible to opt for a galvanized structure, which will resist rust for a long time.

Conventional buildings, on the other hand, are subject to various types of damage when exposed to the elements. Materials such as wood are susceptible to mildew and warping. All-steel buildings with metal roofs, on the other hand, can develop rust and incur additional costs.

Safety: equality

Compliance with the Building Code is one of the most important criteria when choosing a building. In this respect, Permodome’s buildings are on a par with conventional constructions. They comply with all applicable standards concerning :

  • Minimum structural strength
  • Ventilation quality
  • Accessibility (doors and emergency exits)
  • Protection against fire and structural damage

So there’s no need to worry: Permodome guarantees that your building will be just as safe and up to standard as conventional buildings.

Flexibility: the Permodome advantage

Will your current needs be the same in a few months, a year or a few years? Whatever your sector, sometimes needs change and you need more space.

Renovating and extending a building can then become a complex and costly operation. Not with Permodome. Canvas buildings are designed in several sections and can easily be extended, long after installation. This makes it easy to obtain more space for :

  • Your maintenance workshop
  • Your warehousing solutions
  • Your leisure facilities
  • Your heavy machinery
  • Etc.

Whether you’ve chosen a 600, 700 or 800 Series dome, we can easily adapt your construction to your needs as your business grows.

Comfort and practicality: the Permodome advantage

Unlike a metal or wooden roof, a flexible membrane lets natural light into your space. Not only does this make for a brighter, more pleasant space, it also eliminates the need for artificial lighting, which increases electricity bills.

What’s more, air circulation is optimal, providing a high level of comfort for people and animals alike.

The question of space is also important: while all conventional buildings can be spacious, the use of space is not always maximized. With our buildings, there are no center columns to impede interior space, and you benefit from generous wall clearance.

With the same dimensions, you benefit from a more spacious, traffic-free environment. This is a considerable advantage when it comes to storing heavy machinery, for example.

All in all, buildings with flexible membranes have beaten conventional buildings on their own ground: in particular, they offer indisputable advantages in terms of cost and flexibility.

With Permodome in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, near Saint-Hyacinthe and just a few minutes from Montreal, you’ll benefit from customized service at every stage of your project. Contact us for more information on our products!