How do you meet seasonal challenges?

While the onset of winter is synonymous with the holiday season, festive moments and nature covered in a beautiful white coat, it also represents the start of major logistical challenges for various sectors. In these cold and unpredictable weather conditions, ensuring the continuity and smooth running of your business is crucial.

How can Permodome buildings help you meet winter challenges? Find out how to stay efficient, whatever your sector.

Plan and store with domes

Whether in the industrial or commercial sector, procurement can present major challenges. Between delivery delays, site accessibility and the tasks you have to perform, your operational efficiency can be affected by the season’s harsh conditions.

With a large dome, equipment storage becomes an ideal solution. Permodome buildings are ideal for inventory storage, as well as for machinery storage, for example. Your municipality will also be able to stock up on road salt.

In addition to allowing for activity planning and storage, flexible canvas buildings effectively protect your equipment from the rigors of the season.

Maximum protection

When you work outdoors, it goes without saying that winter often poses an obstacle to the smooth running of your activities. The simple solution: work indoors! Since Permodome buildings are easy to install wherever you need them, they’re a great way to keep your business going.

In addition to protecting your equipment against frost and snow, our steel-framed buildings provide effective protection for your personnel. There’s no need to stop work when you’re protected!

By overcoming the various logistical challenges, you’ll be able to guarantee the safety of your employees, preserve your equipment and store it. Ensure optimal operational continuity with Permodome’s solutions in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just minutes from Montreal.