Get ready for the summer season with Permodome!

With the arrival of good weather, Permodome offers you ideal solutions for events, as well as for agricultural, equestrian, and industrial sectors.

Event solutions

The summer season coincides with the return of festivals! As soon as spring arrives, outdoor activities are in full swing, and numerous events are organized.

Whether you run a business in the event industry or work in the industrial sector, such as for the city or a commerce, summer might be a particularly busy period for you.

For instance, you might need buildings to cover:

  • Sports facilities
  • Exhibitions
  • Storage equipment
  • Various events

With the approach of good weather, it’s time to plan the activities in your sector! To do so, opt for a building with a strong steel structure covered by a perfectly waterproof fabric that will protect you from damages caused by rain or wind, for example.

Whether you manage a small exhibition hall or a larger sports center, explore our Permodome buildings for sale. These can be fully customized and provide you with the space you need!

Custom agricultural domes

As spring arrives, the agricultural sector gears up for its peak season: the planting season is already underway! For a productive season, consider keeping your equipment safe under a sturdy building that protects against the elements. Our fabric-covered dome buildings for sale are the ideal solution, offering strength and waterproofing.

If you need ample space to store your machinery, explore our Series 700 products; the Series 600 will suit your smaller needs.

Looking for a building that will serve you well for future seasons and endure through multiple winters? Try our galvanized steel domes from the Series 800, providing excellent corrosion resistance and ready to last for many years!

Similarly, our solutions offer a comfortable space for your animals in every season, providing them with a bright, well-tempered shelter from the elements. Thinking about using the season to renovate or replace your wooden barn?

Steel domes covered with Novashield fabric are more affordable and just as durable as a barn, if not more so. The structure is robust, and the flexible fabric has been tested for optimal tensile strength, ensuring the safety of your animals.

The return of equestrian activities

Speaking of animals, various activities come back to life with spring, especially with the recent lifting of health restrictions. So, it’s the perfect time to resume:

  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Horse races and competitions
  • Equestrian day camps
  • Equine therapy centers
  • And much more!

Since the weather doesn’t always favor us, having an indoor space can be extremely useful, whether it’s for conducting classes or training for competitions.

Fabric-covered structures offer an advantage that isn’t found with wooden buildings, for instance: acoustic quality. Indeed, our structures create a soft ambiance, particularly useful during heavy rains pounding on the roof! Likewise, they are particularly sturdy and resistant to the wind.

Protect your workers and your equipment

We mentioned the event industry, but the industrial sector also resumes certain seasonal activities that require outdoor work. If this applies to you, consider providing a well-protected place for your workers!

Similarly, your equipment should always remain sheltered from rain, which promotes deterioration and rust formation. Our steel structures can serve as both storage spaces and workspaces: the materials used are durable and reliable for year-round protection.

Permo Industries in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, near Longueuil, and just minutes from Montreal, offer customized solutions. Discuss your project with our team and design the perfect building together for you!