Farmers, try canvas domes

Agricultural work is demanding, not only for the workers, but also in terms of regulations. Do you need one or more buildings to carry out your activities or store your equipment?

With Permodome buildings, you have a versatile, durable solution. Discover some of the many uses of steel structures with fabric domes in the agricultural sector.

Storing machinery

Agricultural production, whether working in the fields or raising livestock, requires a lot of equipment, for example :

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Planting equipment
  • Seeding and tilling equipment
  • Etc.

All this material has to be stored somewhere! You can of course leave your farm machinery outside, but this could damage it. Indeed, bad weather can damage your equipment and cause it to rust.

Permodome buildings are the perfect solution. Not only do they provide adequate protection for your equipment, they also offer a wide range of options. With maximum height and width, you won’t lack space for your equipment.

Ideal for pets

When you work in the agricultural sector, you’re not just dealing with plants and machines, you’re also dealing with living beings! As a farmer or stockbreeder, it’s important to you to provide a safe and comfortable space for your animals.

In fact, the Health of Animals Regulation stipulates the following rule in article 12.1:

“Animals are protected from the risks of suffering, injury or death that can be caused by inadequate ventilation or exposure to weather or environmental conditions.”

It goes without saying that the choice of building is central. In addition to protecting animals from the elements, our solutions contribute to their well-being through :

  • A hushed environment
  • A luminous place
  • An airy, well-ventilated space
  • A comfortable temperature

The space provided for animals reduces the risk of respiratory illnesses, thanks to good air circulation. What’s more, the fabric reduces ambient noise, especially weather noise, which in turn reduces the stress caused to the animals. The well-being of animals is also essential to their health!

Thanks to a white membrane, light circulates in all seasons without the area becoming too hot in summer. Animals and workers benefit from a comfortable environment at all times.

Remember: happy, healthy animals are productive animals!

Hay storage

Producing quality hay with the right level of humidity requires a lot of hard work. You don’t want to spoil it all with moisture-prone storage!

Our buildings provide you with a well-ventilated space that facilitates air circulation to reduce ambient humidity. As a result, your hay will stay in good condition and won’t develop bacteria or mold.

When designing your building, we take your ventilation requirements into account to offer you the ideal solution for your needs. Whether it’s for the well-being of your animals or the preservation of your hay, we’ve got what you need!

What’s more, since our buildings are column-free, you can make full use of the space by storing large quantities of hay. Maximum height and width!

A versatile solution

As you can see, Permo Industries’ buildings offer a wide range of uses. In the agricultural sector, solutions such as fabric domes are increasingly being adopted for the many advantages they offer.

With Series 600, 700 and 800 products, you get tailor-made products for your application. From a small straw storage facility to a large space for cattle or machinery storage, the height and length of the building can be easily customized.

These are versatile options, not to mention far less expensive than other building solutions on the market. Buildings are quick to erect and just as easy to maintain!

Enjoy full service with Les Industries Permo in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, near Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Hyacinthe and just minutes from Montreal. From planning to after-sales service, we’re here to support you!